Summer Greenery Wedding

Maddie and Ryan … or shall I say Margie (Maddie’s mom) was wonderful to work with! Maddie was one of few brides I’ve met with that wasn’t enamored with the process of planning her wedding so I knew right then and there that her mom and I would be keeping things rolling when it came to her wedding stationery.

Spring Succulent Wedding

Jenni and Brian described their wedding color palette with a photo of succulents and said those colors, but not necessarily using succulents. And they described their wedding style as casual with a yummy meal and tons of dessert! Sounds like my kind of celebration. I knew we were going to get along just fine.

Eucalyptus Snowy March Wedding

Selena and Christian were not expecting, nor hoping, for snow on their wedding day! But, we live in Nebraska and well, it snows here in April, and sometimes a freak time in May. So the second to last day of March is not off limits and Mother Nature decided to put on a beautiful show the day before their wedding. Join me as we walk through their wedding day including the stationery pieces I designed for them!

Wedding Stationery Postage Tips

I’m here to help … as much as I can with the mailing of your wedding stationery. I mean, I don’t work for the USPS and to be honest, sometimes they all give different answers so your guess is sometimes as good as mine when it comes to questions with mailing things. But I’m here to guide you as best as I can.

How Wedding Save the Dates are Making the World a Better Place

Save the dates are the first glimpse into your wedding style. You may not incorporate a lot of it, but fonts, colors, and the type of photo (if you choose this route) or design can set the tone months in advance. A magnet can have a casual, relaxed feel, but can also feel formal with the right photo or design. A nice thick paper says you mean business and don’t want guests forgetting about your wedding.

Planning Our Wedding - Part Two

My last blog post ended by telling you how perfect our wedding colors ended up being and I told you to hold all judgment until this blog post. Read on below to learn more about how we incorporated our bright, bold colors into our stationery, decor, and more!

EVERYTHING in a Wedding is Essentially Thrown Away

Anyone else heard others say I don't want to waste money on invitations because people just throw them away? Why is it that you only ever hear that about the invitations? Why not the flowers or the decorations or the tablecloths? Well, I'm here to tell you, that {almost} EVERYTHING for a wedding is essentially thrown away, maybe not physically thrown in the trash, but hear me out.

Guide to Wedding Seating Terminology

Are you considering assigning your wedding guests to a table? Or going even further and assigning them a specific seat? Are you struggling with how to let guests know where to sit? If so, I'm sure you've heard words like escort cards, place cards, seating charts, etc. thrown around, but what do they all really mean? Well, I'm here to explain all the terminology you may have heard so you understand your options and order the correct items!

New Wedding Registry Trends

More and more couples are waiting to get married until they are a bit older, more settled, and already own most household items younger couples used to register for when getting married. This leaves many wondering what to register for because a lot of people don't want to just give a couple money, they want to give a tangible gift. But there is a new trend gaining momentum ... giving money to a good cause! Who can say no to that?

Assembly ... DIY or Pay a Professional?

In the process of researching wedding invitations and programs you may have considered assembling them on your own, but I am here to tell you that even if you are a crafty person, it may not be as easy as you think. You may not have access to the materials you should use for long-term tape and you may not realize how much time can be involved - it's always more than I estimate, but maybe that's because I usually end up watching a movie (or two or three) while assembling.

Why Ordering Wedding Programs Is A Good Idea

A lot of people will tell you that wedding programs are unnecessary. But have you ever been to a wedding without them? I am annoyed because I want to know who the lovely people are that they've decided are so important to them to include in their wedding party. Plus, who doesn't like knowing just how long (or short) the ceremony is going to be?


Seven years ago when I was planning my wedding Pinterest did not exist! But there was this thing called Google Images and when you do a search you can view images that are tagged online with the terms that you are searching ... and you can still do that today. And THAT is where I did my research for ideas and one of the best tips I came across was in regard to RSVP cards.