Gift Ideas For A Bridal Shower

Have you received an invitation lately for a bridal shower? Are you dreading coming up with a gift? No need to fear ... I've got some great ideas! And of course they are all things I would be more than happy to help you design.

I love to take a look at a couple's wedding registry and see if there are any gifts I can "pimp out" ... that wording is straight out of my cousin's fiance's mouth after she saw the utensil holder I got her. It was plain white so I added some vinyl to spruce it up!

If you know the couple well enough you can go with a more personalized food, drink, or date night gift. It might include a wine bottle opener from their registry or a blanket to snuggle up with while drinking that wine and watching a movie. Another good idea is the "Perfect Pairs" basket where you get them pairs of items so a spoon & fork {the large serving kind of course}, Hershey's hugs & kisses, salt & pepper shakers, etc. The possibilities are almost endless if you know the couple pretty well.

Another fun option is making a collage of photos of the couple or a personalized last name sign. I've had some fun with these when they've been couples I know really well and can incorporate say the Scrabble pieces {because they love to play that game} or a sports theme {teams, balls, stadiums, etc.}.

Another fun gift I like to make are personalized 12x12 frames that have the couple's last name and wedding date along with a place for a 4x6 photo from their wedding. I use their wedding colors or theme in these and couples love having anything personalized with their last name!

The last gift that I absolutely love doing is a shadow box with the couple's save the date, invitation, program, and any other printed pieces that I designed inside. Not a lot of couples think to keep an extra invite for themselves so if it is a couple that are close friends that I designed these pieces for, I will give them a gift to remember these.


If you are looking for help with a gift and like one of these ideas or have another idea in mind and want to know if I can help, contact me so we can discuss ideas and prices!