Ordering Custom Invitations Doesn't Have to Break the Bank!

As a stationery designer the thing I despise most is hearing from a potential customer that they've decided to order their wedding invitations or programs online to save money {insert massive sigh here lol}!

Enough already with thinking that you are going to get custom, professional quality invitations by ordering them online! Let me tell you a story ... a real one ...

This is the invitation I received so many compliments on this past weekend - a Kate Spade inspired design - hence the thin black and white stripes!

This is the invitation I received so many compliments on this past weekend - a Kate Spade inspired design - hence the thin black and white stripes!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a friend and former coworker's wedding. I had designed her save the dates, invitations, programs and so much more! She kept telling me how many compliments she was getting on her invites. I believed her, but there was a part of me wondering just how many people could have loved them that much.

I mean, they were great, but I've never heard so many compliments before. That was until I was at the wedding and people found out I designed them ... I was amazed at all the compliments! And to be honest, a bit overwhelmed. I get a bit shy when I receive compliments and like to be behind the scenes ... hence doing something where I don't have to be present at the wedding!

Anyway, the reason I felt I needed to tell this story was not to receive more compliments, but to educate the couples out there researching invitations on why they should choose to work with someone local who can design a custom invitation suite for them.

Think about this: your invitations are your guest's first glimpse into what your wedding day is going to look like! Don't you want your guests to look at that invitation and say "Now this is a wedding I just have to attend!" because your invitation got them that excited to see everything else you have planned? People look at your invitations often, double checking the date, or seeing when the RSVP needs to be mailed back, or what hotels to call to book a room, etc.

Your invitations are also a way for them to know how to dress. Are you having a formal wedding or a more casual backyard ceremony? Your invitations are the perfect place to pass along this information not only in the wording, but also in the design.

My process {with the couple in this story and all couples) is to sit down with you and learn more about your wedding ... from your dress to your colors to your decor to your locations to what fonts you like and more ... so that I know just how to design your invitations.

I showed them some of my previous designs during this meeting so they could see the many options for paper, printing styles, and more. They also brought some of their own ideas that they wanted to incorporate into the design. And this is where we setup a shared Pinterest wedding board. But don't worry, I always make these private boards so that your guests won't get any ideas of what your invites will look like before they receive them in the mail! This Pinterest board was a place for both of us to contribute ideas. I posted some, the bride posted some, and we collaborated on ideas until we got the perfect idea nailed down!

This process works well for those that may not have any idea what they want other than specific colors and I can pin things for you to review and get your feelings on them. But I will also say this, I will not copy someone else's designs exactly as they have it, but I will use it as inspiration for your invitations.

Once we have decided on the design, I get to work! Ultimately, I want you to be proud of your invitations so we will go back and forth on as many proofs as it takes to get them just right. With this specific example, I had originally designed the envelope liner with thicker black and white stripes, but the more research I did, I realized Kate Spade was usually thinner stripes so I changed that and it made all the difference in a good to great scenario!


This bride was having tulips in her wedding and really wanted those on her invitations as well without them being too formal because they were having a casual, relaxed wedding. I asked her if she had seen anything she liked and she started showing me her Pinterest board. Many of them included tulips or flower arrangements of some sort, but I noticed some were watercolor and others were more realistic. So I asked her, which of those styles do you like more? She liked the watercolor so that is what I found for the design of her invitations.

kissing sharks.jpg

This example was a couple getting married at the aquarium. They had seen the kissing fish, but fish wasn't really their thing ... they LOVED sharks! So guess what? I basically branded their entire wedding with kissing sharks and they were so happy with how they turned out and of course guests were intrigued and just had to come see what this wedding was all about!

invite pinecones.jpg

I love this example because it is so unique and I worked with the mother of the bride to come up with the design. The couple had gotten married already, but she was throwing them a reception back home. It was around the holidays and she wanted it to be a fun invitation instead of formal. She asked for a pine cone bride and groom and I delivered just that! This is definitely a design you won't see available to order online!

This couple came to me at a bridal fair and asked if I could come up with a design for their fall wedding that included pumpkins, but wasn't the traditional orange and bold look for pumpkins. They wanted more that elegant, fairy tale, Cinderella look and feel with some polka dots too!

So, you can order your invitations online (maybe you already have while reading this), but you may not know what kind of paper they are printing on, or how the colors will print, or how many of your friends are planning to use the same or a similar design. Or you can hire a professional {ME!} to really get to know you, the couple, so I can make your invitation dreams come true!

If you are still with me at this point ... THANK YOU for not just closing the page and going to order your invites online! But are you still left thinking "Doesn't custom cost more?" Well, stop thinking that because it doesn't have to! Custom to my business means the customer gets what they want instead of having to choose a template and just deal with the flowers being roses instead of tulips or a light purple instead of a dark purple.

I've worked in the print industry and understand how frustrating it can be to be charged so much for something guests just throw away {yes, this is a hard concept for me to grasp - my work always gets thrown away}! So when I was building my own business, I decided I wanted to offer couples an affordable option for custom invitations. I am working with some of the best vendors to provide you quality, stunning invitations, envelopes, programs, and more!

Are you willing to give me a shot? If so, reach out to me via the CONTACT button in the upper right corner of my website so we can set up a free consultation to discuss all of the options you have for your custom invitations.

I look forward to hearing from you!