Did You Know IKEA Has a Wedding Registry?

If you know me well enough, you know I have made an annual trip to IKEA the past 2 years with my BFF. We spend an entire day (about 8 hours) there shopping for everything we’ve plotted to purchase over the last year. The one closest to us is Merriam, KS, about 3 hours away, so you must plan ahead and know what you are looking for or it will take more than a day!

So I am happy to pass along some very exciting news – IKEA now offers an online registry!!! You can use this for any of your life stages from getting married to having your first baby to a housewarming party to just keeping a running list of things your family can get you for holidays, birthdays, etc.

When my husband and I got married almost 7 years ago, we struggled with what to register for. We didn’t need everything a new couple did because we had lived together for 4 years already. So we chose Nebraska Furniture Mart as our off the wall registry, and I loved the gift cards we got from people to shop there because we got a new bed and a nice camera. If only IKEA’s registry had been around back then … I would have been all over that for furnishing our future home!

Here’s a little tidbit from Ashley Wahl, IKEA’s gift registry project leader and CRM specialist: "A gift registry has been on our customers’ wish list for years. The new IKEA Gift Registry makes it easy for your loved ones to help you celebrate your special moments, whether it’s your wedding day, a new baby, an exciting move—or just any other reason to shower you with love. We’re thrilled to be able to now offer them this service and to play a small part in helping people celebrate special moments in each other’s lives."

Now, here is a little bit about how it works:

  • The registry is available at all IKEA stores in the U.S.

  • You must be an IKEA Family member – but trust me, you’ll want to sign up for this anyway because you can create a shopping list for when you want to go shop for yourself! Oh and it’s FREE, so why not?

  • Visit Ikea-USA.com/registry to get started today!

  • You can share your registry with guests via text message, email, or social media.

  • You can manage your registries online or on your mobile devices.

  • Guests can view your registry by printing out a registry list from the kiosk in their local U.S. IKEA store, by visiting the website above, or by downloading the IKEA Gift Registry app.

  • There are four ways to buy from the registry:

  1. Chip In: Via the IKEA Gift Registry site, guests can "chip in" a desired dollar amount toward the total purchase price of a product (only available on single items greater than $50 in value), a great option for big-ticket items or for groups who want to go in on something together.

  2. Add to a Gift Card: Via the IKEA Gift Registry site, guests can virtually "buy" an item; the value is then applied to an IKEA Gift Card, as opposed to buying the physical product.

  3. Buy Online: Guests can purchase a registry item online and choose to have an item sent to them or directly to you.

  4. Buy In Store: Guests can purchase a registry product in any U.S. IKEA store.

The photos above are from our last visit:

  1. Arriving at IKEA in Merriam, KS

  2. A bedroom display - I bought this comforter for the new kind bed frame I also bought!

  3. The warehouse aisles are ginormous and so much fun to run up and down with a cart - of course, while no employees are looking :-)

  4. And you may even have to crawl into the aisles tight quarters to measure a box to make sure it is going to fit in your vehicle.

  5. And this is the smile of relief that it will indeed fit!

  6. Lastly, my friend's van all loaded up with our goods - definitely weighed us down a bit lol!

Now you may be asking what my purchases were this last visit, so below are photos of the products in use and links to the products. Of course, this wasn’t everything, but it is a lot of what I purchased to use for my business so it made sense to share these, plus the kitchen cart because who doesn’t love a great kitchen cart?

Mosslanda – picture ledges: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90292103/

Kvissle – wall magazine racks: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90198030/

Alex – drawer unit on casters: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40196241/

Bekväm – kitchen cart: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30240348/

Disclaimer - I was not paid to write this blog, I am just sharing my love for this particular store in case any of you enjoy it as much as I do!