Planning Our Wedding - Part One

Clark and I are celebrating 10 years since the day he proposed! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by and I am inviting you join me for a two-part blog post all about planning our wedding. Let’s get started!

Did you know your spouse was going to propose to you or was it a complete surprise? I had some hints from friends that it would be happening, plus I kind of took things into my own hands when I took Clark shopping for rings on our 4th anniversary in hopes of him proposing some day soon! We had been together long enough that I was ready to either make it official or move on {really hoping for the first of those to come true} and it did eventually.

The history of us

Before I get into the details of how he proposed and our wedding planning process, let me back up a bit though, and tell you a bit about our story. We started dating while working together in St. Joseph, MO, in 2005 {14+ years ago!}. Funny story is that our coworker {and his soon-to-be roommate} asked me out first! I turned him down and now he’s married to another one of our former coworkers.

We were inseparable and spent all of our free time together … which was a lot of time in the bars after work! You see we worked for a newspaper and routine for the late night shift folks was to hit up a local bar after hitting deadline to decompress. Because if you haven’t ever worked for a newspaper, let me tell you, it is a bit of a stressful job.

Not even a year later {8 months later to be exact} he got offered a job closer to home and we were in a long distance relationship for the next 10 months until I decided to move to Lincoln, NE, to be with him.

Fast forward to our 4th anniversary when we went ring shopping … I found out he had no idea what I liked. If I had left it up to him I would have ended up with a yellow gold ring with a round diamond in a solitaire setting which was not my style at all! I loved something unique, that not everyone else had. I fell in love with the idea of a square cut diamond turned at a 45 degree angle with channel set diamonds in a swirl pattern. It was like nothing I had ever seen before and I was hoping I gushed over it enough that he would get the hint that was the one!

The proposal

Little did I know he bought a ring from Nebraska Diamond soon after we went looking! A few months later while on a trip to Colorado, he proposed at Red Rocks Amphitheatre {May 27, 2009 - 10 years ago!}. This wasn’t his original plan … he had originally planned to propose in a canoe at a park in Denver, but the canoes all had holes in them so we ended up going paddle boating instead, which didn’t work for getting down on one knee!

If you’ve never been to Red Rocks before, I highly suggest a trip because it is gorgeous. So in the end it worked out perfect and as the sun was setting and we were walking around taking in the scenery, I turn around and find him down on one knee! I honestly don’t remember what he said … I was a blubbering mess and dying to see the ring. Of course he caught onto my cues and had purchased the ring I described above. It sparkled so much in the sun and I couldn’t stop staring at it!

Now it was time to start planning!

The Dress

Isn’t this where all little girls’ wedding dreams begin? I had a dream dress in my head since probably sometime in high school. I wanted to be different and have a silver wedding dress. I had seen one in a magazine and even used it in some of my art during college. But in the end, I realized there aren’t a lot of silver wedding dresses and ultimately, spending the kind of money it would take to get one was considered a waste of money in my opinion. So I tried on A LOT of white dresses … and struggled with what style I really wanted. I fell in love with two dresses at different stores and my decision was made after sleeping on it one night. The first dress {beaded top fit and flare} was in Lincoln and the second dress {beaded bodice ballgown with pick-ups} was in the Kansas City area - hence the sleep on it for a night decision!

My future sister-in-law and niece went dress shopping with me when I found the first dress. I later took my mom back with me to see it and she loved it, but for some reason I wasn’t quite ready to purchase it. Then, while visiting friends in the Kansas City area a couple months later I took them with me to try on more dresses. I fell in love with the second dress, especially once I learned they could alter the straight across neckline to be sweetheart! I slept on the decision and woke up the next day, went and tried it on again and realized that was my dress.

Choosing a Wedding date

Picking a date was easy for us because we knew we would get married in the summer. Clark worked in {and still works in} sports so fall and spring are pretty hectic. And I hate winter so that was a heck no in Nebraska! So summer it was!

It was made even easier when we realized the 4th of July {our favorite holiday} was on a Sunday so we could get married on Saturday and our guests would have time to travel back home for the 4th or stay longer with the possibility of having Monday off for the holiday. Either way, it was meant to be … 7-3-10 was our wedding date!


Next up was the process of finding a ceremony venue - you see I wanted to have an outdoor ceremony and we lived in Lincoln, NE, which at the time didn’t have very many options for outdoor ceremonies. We knew we’d be inviting 400+ guests so would need somewhere that could accommodate 200-250 guests. We also knew we’d be having a lot of out of town guests so downtown Lincoln was not ideal because it wasn’t the easiest to get around in my opinion.

So we started looking outside of Lincoln and even into Omaha. I suggested the Joslyn Art Museum and Clark shoved off the idea, not even wanting to go see it. We visited probably every other option in town not finding the “perfect” place for us. I finally convinced him to at least drive by the Joslyn Art Museum so we could say we looked. When we arrived he realized how elegant it was and how perfect it was for us!

I mean, look at this amazing Dale Chihuly blown glass sculpture we got to take a picture with!

We had planned to get married outside at the bottom of the stairs {shown above}, but unfortunately it decided to sprinkle on our wedding day, at the exact time we got married, so we had moved everything inside because of the impending weather. But it turned out to be even more perfect because we got married around the fountain {shown below} which just so happened to match our wedding colors … not planned whatsoever.

You see, when it comes to wedding planning, only you the couple {and maybe some of your closest family and friends} know the ins and outs of what was planned and what wasn’t! Everyone else thinks you planned it that way.

Next up was picking the reception venue - Tiburon Golf Club. I honestly don’t recall how we found out about it, but I remember it was one of the few places just off the interstate {so easy to access} and just enough outside the city that I knew we’d be able to see some fireworks being set off!

Wedding Colors

This was one of the most difficult decisions for us. Both of us being designers made it really hard to pick just one or two colors we like. Since it was around the 4th of July red and blue seemed fitting, but I was adamant about NOT having red in my wedding because it seemed like everyone was having red weddings in Nebraska at the time.

So we played around with options to go with blue … and settled on a teal more than a navy or royal blue. Next up was a secondary color. Orange was my initial thought, but Clark thought people would think we picked those colors because we liked the Denver Broncos. Next up was yellow … I really hated the color yellow so that was an easy no. Green was our next choice … lime green to be exact! Now most people are probably thinking teal and lime green for a wedding, really?

Hold all judgments until Part Two of this blog next week when I’ll go over stationery, decor, and more - and remember, being designers we both really like color!