Don't Forget to Budget for Postage

Setting the scene: You get your invitations, they're beautiful, everything you dreamed of. You assemble them (or pay me to do it because why worry about that, right?), you address the envelopes and you're ready to go buy stamps. Oh yes, the one part you probably didn't think much about when deciding what invitations you wanted!

POSTAGE: the dreaded part of invitation design that I hate to bring up, but ALWAYS do with couples because I want to make sure they understand that most of the invitations are going to cost more than a regular forever stamp.

Are you adding a backer to that invite? It'll increase the weight. Are you adding a belly band to keep it all together? It'll increase the weight. Adding a pocket as well? You should probably budget for 3 ounces worth of stamps to be on the safe side! Or how about the square invitation? Lovely, unique idea, but it'll cost ya! The post office can't decipher which side of the envelope is the longest side, therefore it is considered non-machinable which costs more.

I know, all hard things to pass up because they are beautiful, but if you are on a budget, I can design something equally as beautiful without all of the extra pieces so that you can keep your postage to a minimum.

Another postage pointer is if you are sending RSVP cards for guests to mail back to you, go with the postcard. You don't have to buy extra envelopes (adding to the weight) or put a regular stamp on that envelope for them to mail back. You can save money with the postcard stamp. Yes, they may be a bit beat up when you get them back in the mail, but it's not something you are going to keep forever. You just need to know who is/isn't coming. Or the newest alternative is skipping the reply card altogether and just asking guests to RSVP on their wedding website or via email or text.

Just remember to play it safe and take a fully assembled invitation to the post office you plan to mail from and have it weighed to ensure you are purchasing the correct stamps so they don't all get returned to you!

Stamp Prices (as of March 2017)
1 oz or less = $0.49 (forever stamp)
2 oz = $0.70
3 oz & square = $0.91
Postcard = $0.34