Wedding Stationery Postage Tips


Picture this - you just received your invitations from me, you’re all ready to sit down and address them, add a stamp, and mail them to your guests. How exciting, right? Yes, but then picture a few weeks down the road after you mailed them and you find out that some of your guests are receiving a notice with their invitation that they owe extra postage. How embarrassing!

I’m here to help … as much as I can. I mean, I don’t work for the USPS and to be honest, sometimes they all give different answers so your guess is sometimes as good as mine when it comes to questions with mailing things. But I’m here to guide you as best as I can.

Here is what I do know for sure … postage is a stated price and below are the typical costs you will incur for these items {prices stated are as of June 2019}.

Save the Dates

Postcards no larger than 4.25"x6" can be mailed using a postcard stamp ($0.35).

Oversize postcards require a 1 oz. forever stamp ($0.55).

Magnets in an envelope will require a 1 oz. forever stamp ($0.55).


I recommend you take a final invitation in an envelope to the post office which you plan to mail your invitations from to be weighed by a postal worker (not the automated machine) prior to purchasing your postage. If the postal worker says it is on the verge of 2 oz. ask for a second opinion from a manager. Write down names of anyone who assisted you.

If I am assembling and mailing your invitations for you then I will have your invitation weighed and purchase stamps for you.

Some invitations will be 1 oz. or less only requiring a forever stamp ($0.55).

A lot of invitations will be over 1 oz. and will require a 2 oz. stamp ($0.70). Invitations in pockets usually fall into this category because of weight and/or thickness.

Square invitations require an additional $0.15 per invite so depending on the weight, they will either be $0.70 or $0.85.

RSVP Cards

RSVP postcards no larger than 4.25"x6" can be mailed using a postcard stamp ($0.35).

RSVP cards in an envelope require a forever stamp ($0.55).

Stamp Designs

Below are some of my favorite options for stamp designs for wedding save the dates, invitations, and RSVP cards. Unfortunately the postcard stamps are always beach themed and lately they’ve had different options so it’s one of the two shown below that you’ll end up with. They may be phasing out the Seashells and switching to Coral Reef.

For 1 oz. forever stamps, you can let me know your preference and I will purchase that design for you. Wedding themed options are shown below, but if you’d prefer something other than a wedding or celebration design, look on and let me know what you’d prefer.

For 2 oz. stamps you can use the Corsage design or you can pick a 1 oz. forever stamp design and pair it with the additional ounce Uncle Sam’s Hat stamp {equaling $0.70}.

For square envelopes that are 1 oz. you have the choice of the Corsage stamp or one of the Butterfly stamps {equaling $0.70}.

For square envelopes that are 2 oz. you have the option of the Corsage plus additional ounce Uncle Sam’s Hat stamp or the Henry James stamp {equaling $0.85}.

Now that I’ve probably freaked you out about postage {sorry!} contact me to setup a free consultation to discuss this more in-depth along with the amazing designs we can come up with together. I promise to make our consultation more fun than this blog post!

Note: I am not an employee of the USPS, nor do I make any decisions about how your invitations are treated after they are in the hands of a USPS employee or mail drop box. Some invitations will make it to your guests in great shape and others may never make it to your guests. I do my best to meet USPS standards when it comes to mailing, but if mailing invitations on your own visit for all rules and regulations.