New Wedding Registry Trends

More and more couples are waiting to get married until they are a bit older, more settled, and already own most household items younger couples used to register for when getting married. This leaves many wondering what to register for because a lot of people don't want to just give a couple money, they want to give a tangible gift. But there is a new trend gaining momentum ... giving money to a good cause! Who can say no to that?

This good cause can range from a disease that has affected them or someone in their family to animal rescues to anything the couple feels strongly about. Whatever passion the couple has together can become a way for them to do good and give back instead of asking for gifts for their wedding. Below are some examples I've seen or heard of in case you are struggling to think of some!

  • Local Animal Shelters

  • Alzheimer's Foundation

  • American Heart Association

  • American Cancer Society

  • GoFundMe page for someone they know in need of help

  • Museums

Make sure to select a few charities so that your guests can choose to donate to a charity that strikes a chord with their values!

Photo and story from

Photo and story from

If you follow me on Instagram you know of my love for my dog {and all dogs for that matter!} so I just had to share this story. I saw this post a few days ago about Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan and his fiancée Ashley Bragg and how they couldn't wait to get married on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, but the one downside to their plan was being separated from their beloved dogs, Nala and Leonardo.

Instead of asking for dishes and new towels, they asked their wedding guests to donate to an animal rescue group on the island where they were getting hitched. Read more about their story here.

Here are more celebrity stories about how they gave back for their weddings.

More Non-Traditional Registry Ideas:

For those couples that still want to receive something or have money put toward a project for themselves, here are some other trendy ideas:

New Home Registry
Feather the Nest asks your guests to help with the down payment for your house, or remodeling a room in your new home.

Honeymoon Fund
There are many honeymoon registries that allow you to save up enough for the honeymoon of your dreams, or just another special trip. You can also designate certain experiences you want to enjoy while on your honeymoon and people can purchase those or put money toward a larger experience specifically for you. Some major resort and travel chains also offer wedding registry options. Honeyfund is probably the most popular option.

Are you the couple that enjoys a good meal over a fancy trip or remodeling a home? Try a foodie registry instead where you register for gift certificates to your favorite restaurants or a list of ones you've been dying to try! Nom nom nom! You could also include monthly wine or beer subscriptions on this list.