Seven years ago when I was planning my wedding Pinterest did not exist! I know, you're asking yourself, how in the world did you plan your wedding without Pinterest? Well, turns out we had to be super creative back in the pre-Pinterest days and luckily I am a creative person!

But there was this thing called Google Images and when you do a search you can view images that are tagged online with the terms that you are searching ... and you can still do that today. And THAT is where I did my research for ideas and one of the best tips I came across was in regard to RSVP cards.

My #1 RSVP card tip is to number your RSVP cards in accordance with your Excel spreadsheet of guests you are sending invitations to. Why you ask? Well, you may be providing a line for people to write their names on, but so many people will forget to actually write their names on that line before mailing it back to you. And those are most likely the same people that won't think to put a return address label on the back of the postcard or outside of the return envelope. So this leaves you wondering who in the world is planning on bringing X amount of people and potentially the meals they have chosen (if you give them that option).

It works great because you can easily go to your Excel file as you receive them back in the mail and find that number instead of having to search through the names and just mark yes or no and how many! I know, I just saved you so much hassle of guessing who's handwriting that is!

Another tip I have for couples when they ask me how to word their RSVP card is to have some fun! You are the one getting those back in the mail so why not enjoy what you are reading when you get them back. Here are some examples of yes/no options to use on your RSVP cards for formal to casual and everything in between:

  • Graciously (or Delightfully) accepts; Respectfully declines

  • Joyfully accepts; Regretfully declines

  • Accepts with pleasure; Declines with regret

  • Can’t wait to celebrate; Best wishes from afar

  • Look forward to it; Have to miss the fun

  • Delighted to attend; Sorry, can’t make it

  • Wouldn’t miss it for the world; Be there in spirit

  • Will eat, drink, and see you be married!; Will regretfully decline

  • Love to, and will; Love to, but can’t

  • Looking forward to attending; Sadly have to miss it

  • Our sails are set, we’ll be there!; Sorry, we will be docked somewhere else that day

  • Can't wait to party; Bummer, can’t make it

  • Be there; Be square

  • Ready to dance; Sorry, my dance card is full

  • Wouldn’t dare to miss it; Won’t be able to attend, but wish you the very best

  • Deal me in; Sitting out

  • Looking forward to the big day; Regretfully cannot attend

  • Can’t wait to be there; Party on without us

  • My bags are packed; Can’t find my passport

  • With bells on; Will be thinking of you

  • Count me/us in; Count me/us out

  • Bags packed, ready to go!; Hate to say can’t make it

  • Let’s get the party started! ; Show must go on without me

  • Will be there with bells on, Will be there without bells, Will be there ... undecided on bells; Will not be there ... heard there would be people wearing bells, Will not be there ... would have loved to wear bells, Will not be there ... regardless of bell business

One of my most popular casual RSVP card options is:
Booze, Food, and Bad Dance Moves ... You In or What?
___ Yes     ___ No

Don't forget to include a date for guests to RSVP by! If you don't, they will wait until the very last minute to let you know if they are coming or not. Keep in mind when you need to let your caterer/reception venue know a final total number of guests/meals and set your RSVP date at least a week or two prior to that so you have time to follow up with those guests that have so rudely not replied on time.

A few other things you may want to include on your RSVP is a line for number of guests attending. This can also be broken down into adults vs. children if you need to know for meals. If you are having a seated dinner with multiple entrée choices, you'll want to list the options and ask guests to initial their meal choice.

Another thing I've seen an increase in is the number of couples asking their guests for a requested song to play during the reception. This tells me that more and more couples are wanting their guests to really enjoy the reception and get excited when they hear their requested song playing!

Lastly, the biggest change I've seen in the past 6 months or so has been the amount of couples asking guests to RSVP via email, phone, or their wedding website. This is a great way to save money on printing a 2 sided card to be mailed back with postcard stamps or the very formal way ... printing a 1 sided RSVP card and an envelope with regular stamps. The cost of a wedding can add up so this is a great way to cut costs if you are struggling to find other ways to do this!

And as always, don't hesitate to ask questions during the design process! I am here to help and happy to get creative with the wording you provide me.