How Do You Plan to Say Thank You?

So your wedding is over ... now what? Don't think you're through with everything wedding related just yet! You still have to send thank you's to everyone who attended or sent you a gift in the mail. And may I ask ... do you have these thank you's picked out yet?

If you answered yes to the plan, good for you! You've either already ordered your thank you's through me or you are picking up some generic thank you's from a big box store. But let's be real, I really hope you're ordering them through me instead!

If you answered no to the plan, why not? This is something that you can order before the wedding if you don't want to use a wedding photo on them. And if you want to use a wedding photo on them, you can still have a plan because this is something I can help with!

You may be questioning now what all of the options are that you have for thank you's so let me get right to it with the examples.

Thank You - Photo(s)

Thank you cards with a photo or multiple photos can be designed as a folded card, a flat card where you would write on the back side, or a postcard. They can come in a variety of sizes as well from a folded 4.25x5.5 or 5x7 to a flat 4x6 or 5x7. The only downside to these is having to wait to get photos back from your photographer and then picking out the perfect photo(s) to use!

Thank You - Names or Monogram

This is a thank you card that you can order prior to your wedding and have on hand for those gifts that you receive from people that won't be able to make it to your wedding. You don't have to wait until after the wedding to send them a thank you card so why not have them ready early? And another upside to this type of thank you card ... you can order more than you'll need and keep them on hand for sending out thank you notes to anyone over the course of your marriage!

Thank You - Matching Invite Design

This is my absolute favorite thank you card option because you get to use that beautiful invitation design again, only in the format of a folded card with the words "thank you" on the front! They are simple and more traditional, but still unique to your wedding. By the way, the thank you cards already mentioned above can also tie in the design from your invitations with the photo or monogram/names option. And this is also a great option for ordering more than you'll need and keeping them on hand for sending out thank you notes to anyone over the course of your marriage!

Family & Bridal Party Gifts

And don't forget about thank you cards to include with gifts for your family and wedding party at the rehearsal dinner! You will want to make sure to thank them for all of their help during the planning (if they helped) or just for being there to witness you say I Do to the love of your life! I can customize those to say whatever you would like - this example shows how I used the bridal party's names on their individual cards.

As you can see, thank you cards can be more than just the store bought silver or gold foil thank you cards! They can be fun, unique, and can leave one lasting impression of your wedding style.