My #1 Tip: Create a New Email Address

Junk mail and privacy - one you probably don't like and the other you strive to achieve. If you want to avoid junk mail streaming into your personal email account and keep those accounts private from guests you may not know that well (i.e. - colleagues of your parents), I suggest you set up a new email address for wedding planning.

Bridal Fairs

Do you plan on attending a bridal fair (or two or three)? This is another great reason to set up a new email address. You'll be signing up for giveaways and guess what those companies do with that email address? They add it to their lengthy list of subscribers and you will continue to get emails for a long time from these companies, or have to deal with unsubscribing from them all.

RSVP Cards

RSVP cards sent back to you in an envelope seem to be a thing of the past. RSVP postcards appear to be trending out. The new trend I am seeing is couples who list an email address as their method for RSVP. I love this idea, but not when I see a personal email address being used.

Ideas for Your New Email Address

It is relatively easy to setup a new email account these days ... and with smartphones you can setup more than one email account for notifications so you won't miss any contact from vendors. Another perk, once your wedding is over and you've received everything from vendors after the wedding (think photos/videos), you can delete this email account!

The email address could include any variety of the following:

  • your first names or intitials

  • your last names or initials

  • your first and last names or initials

  • your wedding date

  • your wedding year

  • city you're getting married in

  • state you're getting married in

  • destination wedding location

  • the word wedding

Here are some examples:








You can thank me later … {hint: I love chocolate and ice cream} lol!