Why Ordering Wedding Programs Is A Good Idea

A lot of people will tell you that wedding programs are unnecessary. But have you ever been to a wedding without them? I am annoyed because I want to know who the lovely people are that they've decided are so important to them to include in their wedding party. Plus, who doesn't like knowing just how long (or short) the ceremony is going to be?

Elayne Woods, owner/photographer for  Elayne Woods Photography , is shown here looking over the wedding party list on the wedding program!   Photo credit:    Miranda Helmuth Photography

Elayne Woods, owner/photographer for Elayne Woods Photography, is shown here looking over the wedding party list on the wedding program!

Photo credit: Miranda Helmuth Photography

Another reason I believe wedding programs are a must is that they are super helpful to photographers! They can pick one (or more) of these up to carry around with them all day. Some will make notes on them so they remember who is who ... what they look like, personality, etc. Anything to help them remember who the parents are or who the personal attendant is.

Are you having an outdoor ceremony? If yes, then fan programs are a must - your guests will thank you over and over again! There are many different style options, but the most popular and economical is the Popsicle stick option.

Now I know you're probably trying to cut costs toward the end of the planning process because let's face it, some of you have probably gone over budget or are nearing the cap of your budget. So you may be thinking, programs are an easy way to cut costs. Yes, they are, but I would also like to point out that they don't have to be super fancy or expensive.

Here are some examples of cost effective wedding programs:

And here are some more elaborate wedding programs:

Wedding programs are also a great place to include a thank you to your parents and others present at your wedding. It is also nice to include a section of deceased loved ones who are not able to celebrate with you on this special day. And for those having a ceremony with traditions most guests may not understand, it is a great place to explain these.

They are also a great place to recognize those participating in the ceremony, such as soloists, organists, or speakers. It is a great way to show your appreciation for their participation.

Some couples may also choose to include things such as the story of how you met or of how you became engaged. Not everyone may have heard this yet so it gives early arriving guests something to read while waiting for the ceremony to start. You may also have a favorite quote about love, marriage, family, or relationships that you want to include.

In the end, the decision on whether you order programs for your wedding is up to you - because as I always like to reiterate - it is YOUR wedding!