How Wedding Save the Dates are Making the World a Better Place

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Making the world a better place might be a stretch, but save the dates can surely help people attempt to be better planners … which could make the world a better place if we are all more organized!

I’m very Type A in that I plan everything. If you ever go on a trip with me you’ll receive an itinerary of what we are doing pretty much every minute of every day. I don’t like to waste time when I’m in new places. So think of your guests that may be coming from out of town to your wedding, maybe they want to fit in some sight seeing while in town so give them plenty of notice about your wedding with a save the date.

Save the dates are the first glimpse into your wedding style. You may not incorporate a lot of it, but fonts, colors, and the type of photo (if you choose this route) or design can set the tone months in advance. A magnet can have a casual, relaxed feel, but can also feel formal with the right photo or design. A nice thick paper says you mean business and don’t want guests forgetting about your wedding.

When should you send save the dates?

I typically tell couples that save the dates should be sent at least 6 months prior to their wedding. But you can send them as early as 9-12 months too! If you’re getting married near a holiday it is always nice to provide as much notice as possible.

If you’re having a summer wedding a fun idea is to incorporate your save the date into your holiday card - the whole kill 2 birds with 1 stone idea! But if you’d prefer to not get lost in the holiday rush and possibly thrown away, then mail before Thanksgiving or wait a couple weeks into the new year.

What should be included on a save the date?

Some key elements you’ll want to include:

  • A title - something along the lines of Save the Date, Save Our Date, We’re Getting Married, etc. - something to signify this is a date for a wedding!

  • Your names - you can include just first names or first and last names, but I would stay away from middle names on a save the date. Save those for the invitations!

  • Wedding date - probably the most important piece - and make sure to include the year.

    • This can come in the format of a calendar for those more visual folks {like me}! I like to see if it’s a typical Saturday wedding or if by chance they chose another day like Friday or Sunday.

  • Location - this can be state or city and state or you can get even more specific if your ceremony and reception are being held at the same place and is a recognizable location, you may want to list that.

Other ideas you may want to add:

  • Wedding website - I love a good wedding website because I can sneak a peek at photos of the couple and learn more about them! This is also a great place to give guests advance notice of hotel options, times of the ceremony and reception, and where you’re registered.

    • You can also list a hotel or two on your save the date if you already have room blocks to make it super easy for guests to plan ahead!

    • If you choose to register anywhere, this can be helpful for guests invited to bridal showers as well because they’ll have a heads up on where you’re registered.

  • Invitation to Follow or Formal Invitation to Follow - this let’s guests know to expect another mailing with more details. This way guests aren’t calling you up or bothering your parents with 20 questions. They know there is more to come!

  • A photo - sure most of your guests probably know you both, but what about extended family or those guests your parents want to invite? You know the coworkers or friends of theirs that have yet to meet your significant other and maybe haven’t seen you in 10 years. Including an engagement photo let’s guests know who you are marrying! Plus, you didn’t spend money on those photos for nothing, right?

Types of Save the Dates

Magnet {4.875x3.5 is the most common size}:

This option was very popular when Clark and I were sending out save the dates 10 years ago, but it went by the wayside for a while and is making a comeback! I had a bride just the other night tell me on the phone that she loved the idea of the magnet because it is something her guests can continue to use long after they get married.

Since it has to be mailed in an envelope it will require a 1 oz. stamp {currently $0.55 each}.

Postcard {largest option is 6x4.25 and smallest option is 5x3.5}:

The best part about this option is you will save money on postage because you can use a postcard stamp {currently $0.35 each} vs. a 1 oz. stamp {currently $0.55 each}. That’s a savings of $0.20 per save the date! And that savings could be put toward a 2 oz. stamp for your invites if you choose a pocket or heavier weight paper because those are {$0.70 each}.

The only downside to postcards is not knowing how the United States Postal Service is going to treat that postcard in the mailing process. They can get beaten up quite a bit so make sure to take that into consideration if you are wanting them to be perfect when arriving in the mail.

Oversize Postcard {7x5}:

I like this option if you want to include photos or a fun design, but also maybe include a calendar or hotel details or a wedding website. It gives ample space for everything! The only downside is that it has to mail with a 1 oz. stamp {currently $0.55 each}.

Again, the downside is how the USPS will treat them in the mail. But the upside is that it is a bit larger so maybe it won’t be treated as bad.

Card in Envelope {2 sided or 1 sided}:

This option is great for those that may be afraid of how the USPS is going to treat a postcard in the mail. It can be printed on both sides or just one side. This is a great way to incorporate both a photo and some design elements. It also allows for plenty of space to include the pertinent details along with hotel options or a wedding website.

Since it will mail in an envelope it will require a 1 oz. stamp {currently $0.55 each}.

So, did I convince you that sending out save the dates will make the world a better place? If not, no worries, what I hope you did realize is how appreciative your guests may be upon receiving a save the date!

Contact me to learn more about the cost of the options mentioned above and good luck with the rest of your wedding planning!