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20% Off Discount Code: tarasdesigns

Have you been struggling to manage your customers? I’ve been there! I recently started a trial of Dubsado (a business management software) and no joke, I signed up for the full-fledge annual plan within a couple weeks because it is amazing.

Working a full-time job as well as running this business means I’m not always able to get back to new leads immediately. And sometimes that means they’ve moved onto the next option because they’ve replied that much faster. Well, I’m here to tell you, Dubsado is a game-changer because you can setup a workflow to automatically send emails for you … for as much of your workflow as you want!

And the contract signing, invoices, forms, and more - you HAVE TO check it out for yourself! You can start a trial for free and you get your first three customers for free under that trial … but I don’t think it will take you more than one or two of those customers to want to switch to a paid plan. It’s only $35/month or $350/year.

If you decide it will change your life as much as it has for me, make sure to use my code tarasdesigns because you’ll get 20% off your first month or your first year!

If I haven’t sold you yet, here’s another thing I love - I was able to sync my calendar and now when potential clients want to book an appointment with me, it will show them my available days and times instead of having to send emails back and forth to figure out when we can meet. It’s a serious time saver!

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$20 Off Discount Code: TARASDESIGNS

Are you a fellow stationery designer and wondering where all of us are printing, finding the perfect envelopes, and more?

Well, here’s a little secret - there’s this amazing website called the A to Z Directory through Biz Birthday Bash! It is an alphabetical list of all things you could have ever needed for your business and even things you may have never heard of.

Here’s a sampling of what all you can find in the directory:

  • Envelopes

  • Foil Printing

  • Letterpress

  • Packaging

  • Ribbon

  • AND MORE! Remember it’s A to Z so there’s way more you will find out about once you sign up!

And if you do decide to sign up, make sure to use this link as I receive a 30% recurring commission for each of you that signs up and renews each year.

Just when you thought that was all, there’s more! There is a private Facebook group for all of the members of the directory to ask questions that are answered by all of your fellow members.

AND some of the vendors provide discounts to members!