Clark and I hadn’t been on a long vacation together since 2013 so this trip was long overdue! We had always talked about going to see the Dodgers during Spring Training and we decided over Christmas to book our trip. It was definitely one to remember and one that I think we will take again - maybe every year!

When we left Nebraska there was still A TON of snow on the ground and when we returned there was barely any trace of snow, however, there was record flooding happening and the place we had boarded Drew was being evacuated - we got there to pick him up and 5 minutes later the drive into their place was flooded! Not the way we wanted to end our trip, but so happy we were able to get him home and safe! Our thoughts are going out to all of those affected by the flooding near us and across the state!

Below is a timeline of our trip and the experiences we had throughout the week!


We landed in Phoenix around 6:30 p.m. and checked into a super cute AirBnB!

We had dinner (and dessert) outside at Joyride Taco House this evening.



We woke up every morning and hopped onto the daycare webcams where we were boarding Drew to see if we could catch a glimpse of him playing with other dogs - and sure enough, every morning we got to see him playing! He is in the bottom group, along the red wall in both photos.

We walked to have brunch at Fàme Caffe this morning - it was gorgeous outside!

We then hit up our first ever Spring Training baseball game for the Los Angeles Dodgers at Camelback Ranch! They played the San Francisco Giants and lost 4-1.

Next up was Papago Park and hiking to Hole in the Rock - ranked as an easy hike!

We had dinner at O.H.S.O. Brewery - great food! Our last stop for the evening was at the Desert Botanical Garden’s Electric Desert exhibit.


This morning we ventured to White Tank Mountain Regional Park to hike a couple trails.

Waterfall Canyon Trail:

Mesquite Canyon Trail:

We had a late lunch at Pizzeria Bianco where we ate delicious lasagna and spaghetti! Then we headed on over to the Cubs Spring Training game at Sloan Park. They played the Cincinnati Reds and lost 12-3. Post game we stopped at In-N-Out Burger for a late dinner!


Today was a big day for both of us … we decided to try hiking Echo Canyon at Camelback Mountain … rated extremely difficult. And let me tell you, it lives up to that rating! Clark said it was the most difficult trail he’s ever hiked and he hikes 14ers in Colorado! I am so proud of both of us for completing this trail.

Here is some of the terrain we hiked up … and then back down … I honestly am not sure what got me through this entire hike, but upon completion I realized I can do things I never thought I could if I get myself in the right mindset. Also, I didn’t want to let Clark down once we got to a certain point knowing we were close to the top and the views were supposed to be amazing! It was a total of 3.5 hours we spent on this trail with 30 minutes of that being us relaxing at the very top. My legs were still sore 3 days later!

We had a late lunch at Central Kitchen at The Phoenix Ale Brewery and it was amazing food and delicious beer! We even bought some beer to enjoy after the baseball game this evening.

Then we went to another Spring Training game for the Dodgers against the White Sox where they lost 10-7. We got a cool surprise when in the 8th inning they announced Cody Asche who played baseball for Nebraska and is married to the sister of a wedding planner I work with quite frequently!


This morning we had brunch at Wildflower Bread Company. Then we headed to another Spring Training game for the Dodgers against the Cincinnati Reds. They tied 3-3. We got there early to watch players from the minor league teams playing along with getting to see former Dodgers player Yasiel Puig who was traded to the Reds this year.

This evening we had dinner at Chompie’s and then headed to Old Town Scottsdale where we walked along the canal and the Art Walk. We had dessert at Sugar Bowl where I had the Baseball Winner (my new favorite ice cream combination) and Clark had the Top Hat Sundae. Absolutely delicious way to end our last night on vacation!